Attention item of the products

1、Don’t hit, shake, squeeze, drop

2、Don’t use the product in the damp environment, Product don’t have waterproof function

3、Product failure, should be timely contact company , Can’t repair by yourself

4、Please make sure the place is safe, to avoid the child touch the power supply, causing the electric shock, fire and other accidents.

Maintenance principle

1、Normal use and don’t have violation of the attention item, If motor failure due to product quality problems we can repair or replacement

2、This item only applies in electric turntable

▲The mean of normal use is don’t damage caused by man-made or force majeure "

◆"Return" or "maintenance" service just for fault of motor components, not including turntable surface, packaging, brochures and other consumables, not including delivery and door-to-door services;

▲The following situation can’t allow return service, but can provide maintenance services, only need accessories and labor cost

◆Violation of the above mentioned "products attention item " provisions

◆The damage caused by human factors, including the use of non normal working environment, Don’t base on the instructions

◆Damage caused by irresistible force (Such as. flood, fire, lightning, earthquake, voltage, etc.)