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Shenzhen BKL Technology Co., Ltd  was established in 2000, is a specialized in mold, plastic, electronic display products development, production and train business as well as centering on the R&D production ,and we are manufacturer and ...
Company Honor
The company has achieved a series of fruitful results. In the next few years, the company will continue to improve and innovate with its abundant strength, innovation and strive to become the first global brand of the display turntable...
Application Case
Intelligent electric display rotating stand series: height applies to standing Mannequins. Conventional LED display turntable series:The product design is mainly aimed at jewelry, luxury  watches, ceramics, mobile phones and other commodities...

“Turntable-BKL” brand products

BKL is mainly engaged in the provision of intelligent turntable manufacturing services and intelligent application solutions. In the "Turntable-BKL" brand series, our intelligent turntable manufacturing service has always insisted on independent research and development. At present, we have many types of turntables such as manual turntable, photography turntable, display turntable, stage turntable and automatic turntable.
In the intelligent application solution, BKL's special intelligent application products are increasingly widely designed and manufactured according to customers' needs; already have diamond  & jewelry shooting turntable, stage turntable, photography light box and 3D scanning rotary platform and a variety of turntable applications to solve.

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