Don't be fooled by the film, what is the real 3D printing?

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3D printing very hot! Every day in the media reports, 3D printing can be that, almost omnipotent. And Jackie Chan's surreal < Chinese zodiac > seems to from 3D scanning to the final portrait print completed, only a few seconds of time, It’s right? Let’s research what’s the real 3D printing?

Don't be fooled by movies

Jackie Chan's surreal < Chinese zodiac > we almost have seen it. In the movie, Jackie Chan with gloves scanning from animal’s heads to synchronous remote data and to print, almost in the order of seconds of time is complete, It gives people an illusion, That’s Look like 3D printing is a very easy thing, but in our experience, this process may be full of twists and turns.

Cool 3D scanning in movies

The first is the process of 3 d scan . Now the present situation of the 3 d scanning is cheap of 3d scanning solutions, such as Intel Realsense 3 d, can do a few thousand yuan, That’s very cheap solution. The only problem is coarser.

Scanned objects and scanning results

Look at the scan results, you can feel the reality of the accuracy of 3d scanning.

3D printing models that need further repair

Even that, Still can’t be directly used for 3 d printing. Because in terms of characters, Need to repair 3 d models further for print the doll.

In a nutshell, Do you feel certificates according to don't like her? 3 d printing there is a same problem, and now the plight of the repair is real 3 d model is very little.

Printing process of nightmare: Duang don't come out

The 3d print heads, Just Duang then came out

But the reality what kind of the 3 d printing speed?

This is the what we are printing a model of the time. According to the different complex , an hour or two hours, basic only can print a small model. Slightly larger, need dozens piece , and dozens of hours, and that process can't cut the power. If broken have to restart.

It takes 26 hours to print the model, which is obviously not Duan's speed
That's what happens when it doesn't stick.

Is a mess, I say it's the sails... Do you believe?

It’s enough of spent time? Your think is too simple. From scanning to build 3 d model, and further repair to the 3 d model, and then at the end of the 3 d printing,They are pursue the perfection of the product, the precision of acme. A slight mistake, its printed effect will be very terrible.

People in the study, science and technology in progress. In the 3 d scan industry, constantly to perfect our products, improve the efficiency of the scanning and precision. So we have a 3 d scan turntable and a specially designed for 3 d scan and rotary table.

Solves the vast majority of 3d scanning industry need to repair the 3 d model of the problem. Because before is need hand scanners to scan the object, but the hand held scanner, stability is good, again will appear dithering phenomenon, especially to do body scanning, is rather serious.

So the biggest benefits of 3d scanning turntable is smooth speed, can carry safely work, Can ensure that scanning working don’t have jerky, let scanning objects get higher precision.

Reduces the need to repair the 3d model of the time, improve the efficiency of the scan and print work..

So From scanning to print, the entire process, is a "skinny" process. Need equipment precision, the user need to have more experience, and have a good software , can’t lose anyone.

In fact, the seller basic won't tell you that. So, a heart in the 3 d printing field of users don't listen to the businessman, before buy you have to ask more, To check what’s the response of the users , caution. Otherwise very low of success rate, Look nightmare, will make you very depressed.