R&D team

We have experienced R & D team and complete production line. Every year we will according to the demand of the market development of a number of innovative products, but also provide product development cooperation and the development of additional products for customers. The real-time collecting customer information feedback and market demand for products and timely feedback to improve the product. Each of our products are through the market survey and complete quality control before production severe out. It has developed a series of acrylic universal dial and roundabouts, display rotating display series of rotary disc, LED display turntable, turntable ring, one-way turntable, turntable and intelligent 3D series of turntable. We are shooting. Adhere to the concept is to provide the most professional products for customers, satisfy you to the front, high quality professional products, stringent requirements.

BKL is mainly engaged in the provision of intelligent turntable manufacturing services and intelligent application solutions. In the "Turntable-BKL" brand series, our intelligent turntable manufacturing service has always insisted on independent research and development. At present, we have many types of turntables such as manual turntable, photography turntable, display turntable, stage turntable and automatic turntable.

In the intelligent application solution, BKL's special intelligent application products are increasingly widely designed and manufactured according to customers' needs; already have diamond  & jewelry shooting turntable, stage turntable, photography light box and 3D scanning rotary platform and a variety of turntable applications to solve.